Beautiful, fun, and memorable, our team at WatersEdge is here to make your dreams a reality. We know you have your choice in Columbus wedding venues, and we’d like to make sure that we provide a special space that transforms your wedding into the day you always imagined.

If you have any questions about WatersEdge, please feel free and contact us today at We’ve also collected a list of very common questions and answers below.

Why Makes WatersEdge the Best Choice for My Wedding?

Created by an experienced wedding planner, WatersEdge was crafted from all angles to provide amazing views, a wonderful atmosphere, and plenty of space for you and your guests to create your memories. But we also make sure that you have excellent staff and plenty of options to ensure that your wedding is perfect, and we handle all of the planning for you.

What is the Minimum Number of Guests?

It varies by day. Early afternoon Saturdays, and all day Sunday, the minimum guest count is 85 guests. On Fridays, the minimum is 95 guests. On Saturday evening, the minimum number of guests is 125. We do occasionally have specials during certain times of year with a smaller guest count.

Is There a Maximum Number of Guests?

Our WatersEdge wedding venue can accommodate as many as 225 guests, so that you can enjoy a full size wedding with all of those in your life that you love.

Are You Just a Wedding Venue?

We do everything. When you choose WatersEdge, we provide you not only with a place to have your ceremony and reception, but also the music, the cake, the tables, the decorations – we handle it all, so that you don’t have to stress about your special day.

How Much Time Do I Get For the Ceremony and Reception?

We want you and your guests to relax and have a good time. We allow 2.5 hours for the ceremony, so that you are able to get ready and your guests can take their time coming in or taking pictures with you afterward. We also provide 5 hours for the reception, with additional hours available that can be purchased for a very small fee.

What Happens if it Rains?

Remember, WatersEdge was designed by a wedding planner – someone that knows that weather can be unpredictable. Our indoor space is beautiful enough for a ceremony in the colder winter months, and we can talk to you about a rain plan that will feel so natural, your guests won’t even know that you changed your plans.

What Dining Options Are Available?

We encourage you to look at our menus and see all of the different meals we have to offer. If there are any unique dietary needs, please let us know. We also have appetizers that your guests will love.

Do You Offer Drinks or Should I Bring My Own?

We are licensed to provide alcohol, which means that we can provide you and your family with all the drinks they need. Along with our beer and wine service, we also offer unlimited 4.5 hours of liquor for only $7.00 per person.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the rules of liquor licensing, we cannot allow you to bring in outside liquor.

How Much Are the Cake, Centerpieces, DJ, etc.?

We provide many services absolutely free. We provide you with a cake, a centerpiece, music, tables, chairs – and if you need something special, we have options available for a very affordable price. Please feel free and call us for any ideas you have, and we’ll let you know how we can make it a reality.

What Custom Wedding Options Are There?

What would you like for your wedding? Our goal is to help you turn your dream wedding into YOUR wedding. We can customize chairs, table clothes, centerpieces, seating, lighting – whatever you envisioned, all you need do is contact us and we’ll see what it will take to find it for you.

How Can I Tell What The Venue Will Look Like?

It’s one thing to have ideas. It’s another to see them in action. If you’d like, we can provide you with a room diagram that will allow you to envision how the wedding will look when everything is set up.

How Does Payment Work?

First, we’ll make sure you have a detailed listings of all the costs, so that you can see everything that you get for the price of the venue and its services. Some items may be taxed, which will be noted on the estimate. There is also a 20% service fee.

Changes can be made as we get closer to the date if needed, but the closer we get to the date, the more difficult it may be to make some changes, which is why your wedding coordinator will work with you to make sure we have each and every detail.

Once everything is confirmed, we’ll also take a $1,000 non-refundable deposit that will be credited to the costs of the venue. We’ll then break up the costs into easier to manage chunks, paid one month at a time until your wedding date. The final payment will be expected 2 weeks prior to the event.

Who Do I Contact to Learn More About WatersEdge Wedding Venue?

We are always happy to schedule time for you to see us in person. The best way for us to prove to you that we’re ready for your wedding needs is to take you around the grounds and help show you why so many other couples have chosen WatersEdge. We also are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please click here or call us today at  (614) 876-2200.

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