We asked BTTS manager of corporate events Rachel Hellerman about the most common questions and challenges she hears from corporate event planners, and the answer was solid: “How do I manage and keep track of multiple vendors and pricing bids, and ensure all my vendors collaborate to create a seamless event experience?” 

The answer is easy: look for an all-inclusive venue partner
And we’re talking about all-inclusive models that go beyond providing tables and chairs. Here’s what a truly all-inclusive venue includes, and what you should look for when vetting venues that sell themselves as all-inclusive: 

  • Dedicated venue coordinator:
    Your dedicated coordinator will help guide you in the planning process related to the venue needs. Whether it’s determining the meeting space layout, managing wayfinding signage or helping you choose the décor, your venue coordinator is there to keep things running smoothly and to pivot when last-minute situations arise.
  • Décor and catering:
    All-inclusive venues also offer in-house floral and décor along with catering. Whether you’re looking for simple centerpieces and a banquet-style meal for a meeting or seeking show-stopper décor with custom food stations for a company celebration, your venue should help you bring your vision to life without adding stress to your plate.
  • AV amenities:
    One of the most valued amenities for all-inclusive venues is AV and a technician. Today, tech is a must at meetings with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment along with a great WIFI signal. Properly working microphones, projectors and speakers is the difference between an engaged or unengaged audience, and relying on a third-party that isn’t familiar with the room setup can be disastrous. Having your AV included and managed on-site ensures your AV needs are met in the most effective way.
  • Consolidated invoice:
    Having to coordinate vendors’ schedules, and pay and keep track of individual vendor expenses can be overwhelming. With an all-inclusive model, the agreed package price, along with any requests that fit outside your package, appear on one bill.  

At the end of the day, it’s your job to deliver a memorable experience for your corporate event. Taking the additional stress out of planning and orchestrating an event all comes down to the main benefit of an all-inclusive venue, which many find priceless. BTTS Holdings’ five venues; Brookshire (Lewis Center), WatersEdge (Hilliard), The Estate (New Albany), The FIG Room (Short North) and The Ellis (Columbus), all offer all-inclusive packages to help make your event a huge success.  

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