Q: Welcome, Kristen! Can you give us an overview of Fiori Florals? 

A: Fiori Florals Design Studio began in 2020 and it has been one wild ride! We are a team of now 20+ employees & a shop dog! At Fiori, we set out to put focus on locally grown flowers & sustainable techniques. With over 500 weddings on our calendar for 2022, when we work with local Ohio Farmers, our purchases can truly help to make an impact. Using local flowers means you will have a fresher, and higher quality bloom, on your wedding day. Our team has also chosen to make large changes in order to create sustainable designs. We are working with chicken wire more and floral foam less. These two areas of impact are part of what makes Fiori a unique floral studio, however, our designs are what will set us apart.

That’s great! Thanks! Next, we would like to walk through some Frequently Asked Questions about what you offer couples who get married at WatersEdge.

Q: Does Fiori include Ceremony Arches or flowers in their packages? 

A: We do have the ability to add on any ceremony floral pieces or rentals for your wedding day! Almost all (95%+) of our clients do choose to have Fiori provide their additional wedding florals outside of the venue centerpieces. 

Q: Let’s talk bouquets and boutonnieres. Is this something you offer? 

A: Yes! Any personal florals you need, we can provide.  Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral crowns…if you can think of it, we can absolutely make it! 

Q: What is a realistic budget for my non-centerpiece florals? 

A: There are a few things that will quickly affect your floral budget.  The size of your wedding party has probably the biggest impact on your budget!  Usually for a wedding with 10 party members, moderate ceremony décor, a moderate fireplace or reception installation, and the little extras like cake flowers, our couples end up spending between $2,500-$3,000.  Now obviously we have many weddings that will spend less than that and many that will spend more! It is completely up to each couple in terms of their design wishes and where they place florals on their list of what is most important for their wedding day!

Q: Florals behind the head table? Costs and options?  

A: Lots of options! Lots of cost ranges!  Plan to spend at least $400 as a start.  Your head table is one of the most photographed areas of the evening, so I never say to skimp on this area.  We can elevate a design on a few columns, create a unique floral backdrop using a grid, or supplement any of our arches to design on behind your table. 

Q: Sweetheart/Head table | Costs and options? 

A: We absolutely love a good table moment!  Garlands have always been popular, however little growing hedges are really making a fun impact this wedding season!  The idea behind these is to design the flowers so they truly looking like a growing garden!  We love to see candles and budvase clusters across the table, and draping greens can be low cost yet high impact for the wedding day.  Depending on your table size, plan to begin your head table budget around $300+.  

Q: And other special floral opportunities/moments (by venue) that add costs 


  • The Estate: Pergola, Aisle Décor, Fireplace, Chandeliers.
  •  Watersedge: Pergola (both Garden & Waterside), Fireplace (think all 4 sides), Stairway, Wooden ceiling beams.
  • Brookshire: Pergola, Waterwall, Fixed shelving units in the reception room, chandeliers.
  • Edison 777: Entry Stairs, brick walls & windows.

Q: If it rains on my wedding day, does my pergola Florals get moved inside? Is there a cost or rain plan I might need? 

A: They can be moved, however only if this was discussed in advance with our team and an arch has either been rented or a different plan has been created.  Because florals on a pergola are designed on site, the more time that can be given to the floral team to design in one area or the other, the more we can ensure that all your florals will be used! If we cut it too close to the ceremony time, we are usually more rushed and risk not being able to design with all the flowers you paid for! Rain plans are never fun to discuss, though our clients are always grateful that they have a backup plan they know and love. 

Q: Flips, Advice, and being open/creative with venue designs to move pieces to the ceremony space 

A: I really love helping clients find ways to use flowers for their ceremony in another way.  Low aisle pieces can easily become a hedge in front of the head table or move inside to create a magical aisle or back drop in case of an indoor ceremony.  A big part of our floral consultations involves discussing moving items, what can be moved and what cannot!  If an item is design to be viewed vertically, such as an arch, it cannot be moved to be laid horizontally across a table.  This is a frequent question and one we just cannot recommend.  

Q: What centerpieces are included in my venue package? Can I customize those flowers? 

A: Your floral centerpieces are valued at just about $150 per table.  You have the choice of 20+ vases & stands, and we will help guide you through floral choices.  Everything can be customized within your centerpiece!  If you are looking for something even larger, or maybe adding additional candles to the already included centerpiece, small upgrades can be added to the centerpiece. 

Q: I want lots of candles everywhere; do I rent those from you or the venue? What are the benefits of renting through Fiori? 

A: We also want a lot of candles everywhere!  Each venue has a selection of votive candles that you are always welcome to add to your centerpieces.  If you want a different type of candle, such as a taper or pillar candle, you are welcome to add them to your floral proposal.  The benefits of renting through Fiori are knowing it is one less thing you must purchase, clean, prepare, and bring to your wedding!   

Q: What happens if the specific flowers I requested are not in season or Fiori can’t get them? 

A: Substitutions happen regularly in the floral industry.  We are working with Mother Nature and sometimes she has different intentions than ours! We are also in a time where the global flower market cannot meet and keep up with the demand of a global wedding boom, so often flowers are scare and difficult to come by.  If a specific flower is requested in the consultation & is out of season, we will absolutely let the client know that on the spot and begin to discuss other options.  Luckily for us, there are thousands of flower types, and we can always find a great flower with a similar aesthetic and feel. 

Q: When will my flowers arrive the day of my wedding? 

A: Your flowers are usually to the venue prior to the client arrival.  We have a team of Day of Designers that will be taking your flowers from the studio production and finished them on site at the venue.  

Q: Can I take all my flowers home after my wedding, or give them to some of my guests to take home? 

A: You can take absolutely any flower home; however you are unable to take any of the vases or hard goods. 

Q: What happens to the florals after the event? Can discuss the partnership here with Food Rescue Columbus.  

A: Following the wedding, our team will pick up the flowers, reprocess them, and then donate them!  We have partnered with Food Rescue Columbus to donate our flowers after the wedding to a senior living facility in Westerville.  The residents use them to make bouquets and additional arrangements for their spaces.  Your wedding flowers always end up in a good home where they get a second chance to make others smile!

Q: Expected detailing timeline of when you will reach out to them?  

A: Typically we meet with clients anywhere between 2-7 months of their wedding day!  We prefer if you can attend your venue’s First Look event as a lot of initial questions tend to get answered, and you get to see the venue again which will help quite a bit in our appointment.  Plus, you will get to see a lot of really great inspiration!


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